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Open Science Guest Contribution | Heidi Seibold

In this post our director Dr Elisabeth Kugler shared her career path and how her work connects with open science now that she is an entrepreneur.

In this article, we aimed to discuss Zeeks' perspective on open science and emphasize that industry does not necessarily exclude open science. Our director, Dr Elisabeth Kugler, founded Zeeks in 2022 after an international education and a successful academic career.

For us, a major aspect of open science is collaboration and networking – at Zeeks our most valuable assets are the people we work with - the customers, colleagues, clients – and most importantly our Zeeks tribe. Especially since forming Zeeks, our director Elisabeht Kugler has come to learn that connecting a diverse network of scientists, artists, and the general public is the most powerful tool to advance science.

Find out more by reading the article.

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