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Keep it Science 

This podcast, hosted by Dr Nick Gaunt and Dr Elisabeth Kugler, discusses scientific discovery, research, and the people behind the discoveries.

In the first season, we covered a broad range of essential topics for modern scientists. We started with an episode addressing stress management with insights from Tim Gaunt and Giselle Monbiot.


This was followed by Dr Raul Peña (Research Goes Slowly) and Dr Fernando A. García-Bastidas (Dr Banana), highlighting the role of social media in science communication.

The series featured industry leaders like Dr. Adam Glen and Dr. Malte Wachsmuth discussing entrepreneurship in biotechnology. Dr. Tullio Rossi provided tips on workflow optimization and the use of AI in science. An episode on Open Science, featuring Dr. Heidi Seibold and Dr. Natalie Whitehead, emphasized public engagement and data reproducibility. Darren Edwards shared his inspirational journey and discussed accessibility in science.

Featured on BBC Upload

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We are currently planning season 2 of Keep it Science. 

We will take a short break over the summer and will come back with more science, technology, and insights in September 2024.

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