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Writing in Notepad

Scientific Copywriting

Scientific writing is about more than accuracy and impact. It is about telling a story and making your work memorable.

We work with industry leaders such as Bruker Luxendo, ibidi GmbH, or PoL Dresden to create the scientific content their work deserves. As a multi-lingual and international team, we can serve you across the globe and be your strategic partner for accurate, impactful, and memorable scientific copywriting.

Whether white paper, blog, or web copy, we provide effective science communication.

  • Copywrite content

  • SEO optimization

  • Marketing strategy

“Working with Elisabeth is highly productive and yields top-quality results, especially benefitting from her strong background in science communication.

We work with her on a broad range of MarCom materials, which she handles in a very timely and professional manner.”

Dr Malte Wachsmuth,

Managing Director Luxendo

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Paint Cans

Scientific Visualization

Visualizations help us illustrate complex topics and add visual interest to a topic. At Zeeks, we help you create accurate, interesting, and captivating visualizations. 

Thanks to our wide range of customers and collaborators we can offer expertise in various techniques (such as ink, watercolour, or graffiti), software (such as Inkscape and Adobe inDesign) and can support collaterals (such as graphic illustration and brochure design). 

With illustration, graphic design, and science art we support effective science communication.

  • analog and digital

  • illustration & graphic design

  • layout

Illustration example showing microscope objectives Luxendo
Vocal Recording

Science Podcast

Podcast as a service? YES!

Podcast is more popular than ever. But it is not just hopping on a call and hitting that record button, but leading a conversation with carefully crafted questions by preparing a bespoke podcast. 

We have worked across the globe and time zones, delivering highest-quality podcasts on time and with minimal client time investment.

Establish yourself as a key opinion leader, amplify your reach, and attract new talent.

  • studio quality recording

  • project management and editing

  • marketing collaterals

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