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Podcast | Keep it Science


The Keep it Science podcast is a collaboration between Dr Nick Gaunt (CEO Acorn Scientific Marketing) and Dr Elisabeth Kugler (director Zeeks – Art for Geeks). Both are scientists first, creatives and marketers second.
We understand complex scientific topics and bring them to life in our science podcast.

Host and producers of the Keep it Science podcast.

At Zeeks, we believe that science should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to make complex ideas relatable and inspire the scientist within each of us. Through our high-quality scientific podcasts, we don't just talk about research; we delve into the experiences, leadership, and challenges of the people behind the science. By doing so, we create a rich, engaging narrative that resonates with a broad audience.

In Season 1 of our Keep it Science podcast, we provided a toolkit for scientists and science enthusiasts alike. We covered not only ground-breaking research but also important topics such as resilience and stress, which are crucial across all fields. We have celebrated numerous milestones, including our first anniversary on July 17th, and have hosted 13 guests across ten episodes, reaching listeners in 20 countries (Summer 2024).

Looking ahead to Season 2 , we aim to showcase the people who make a positive impact on our world. We'll cover hot science topics like AI and the latest biotech developments, engaging with the innovators themselves rather than just discussing the technologies.

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