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#002 Empowering Creativity Through Vision and Collaboration

Welcome to the world of Zeeks, where science, creativity, and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. As a brand, we are on a transformative journey to change the way you think about data. Our vision began in 2022 with a mission to inspire artists, scientists, and the public alike. This first year of entrepreneurship was packed with experiences, learning, and new relations.

 1. Zeeks as a Platform for Boundless Possibilities and Empowering Creativity

At Zeeks, we are transforming the way you think about data. Be it by data analysis, visualization, or communication. In this first year, we established products and a web shop, delivered training and mentoring, and most importantly build a solid foundation with customers and affiliates.

Building on this, for the remainder of 2023, we focus on a science art exhibition and building a selection of courses, all carefully designed to cultivate science, art, and services around visual data.

2. Building a Collective Future

What truly sets Zeeks apart is our unwavering commitment to fairness and inclusivity. Our reason is simple: we aspire to grow Zeeks as a brand that uplifts every client, artist, and collaborator equally, nurturing a community where creativity flourishes without favouring one individual over another.

At Zeeks, it's not just about us; it's about you and the collective potential we hold. We envision a future where we thrive as a collective, where ideas know no bounds, and where creativity knows no limits.

3. Zeeks: A Company that Cares

Behind our vision and creative endeavours, Zeeks takes care of its people and its responsibilities. Here are some examples of how we ensure the smooth running of the organization:

  • Day-to-Day Activities: Zeeks handles many day-to-day activities and ensures the company and online shop are fully functional while focusing on acquiring new clients to grow the business.

  • Company Image, Growth, and Scaling: Zeeks constantly works on building a positive company image, ensuring steady growth, and implementing strategies to scale the business effectively.

  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: We are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, developing initiatives and training programs to promote equity and inclusivity within the organization.

  • Customer Relations and Management: At Zeeks, we prioritize exceptional customer care, handling inquiries, complaints, order fulfilment, delivery, and returns to ensure a positive and satisfactory customer experience.

 4. Collaboration Guidelines: Shaping the Zeeks Community

At Zeeks, collaboration is more than just contributing time, resources, or money; it's about shaping our journey together. Our collaboration guidelines define the essence of our community:

  • Contribution: Your involvement extends beyond mere contributions; it shapes the very essence of Zeeks' journey.

  • Conduct: We expect professionalism, respect, and diversity among collaborators, upholding ethical conduct in all interactions.

  • Core Values: Our core values - Quality, Respect, Courage, Integrity, and Focus - drive our commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and innovation.

  • Synergy: Together, we form a vibrant community of artists dedicated to inspiring and empowering creatives worldwide.


At Zeeks, we are passionate about transforming the way you think about data. Our vision goes beyond just a company; it's about fostering creativity, empowering talent, and building a collective future. We are committed to fairness, inclusivity, and creating an inspiring community of clients, artists, and collaborators. Together, let's embrace boundless possibilities and make the world a more scientific and creative place with Zeeks.

Author: Dr Elisabeth Kugler | Director - Zeeks - Art for Geeks Ltd



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