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#004 Visions Unveiled: Artful Explorations in Science and Ophthalmology

Author: Hiba Noor BSc, a NHS donor carer and an affiliate Zeeks artist.

Hello there, fellow creatives! 


My love for science has driven me to some interesting avenues in life. Some expected and some unexpected, nevertheless, they are all equally fascinating to me. Studying is a lifestyle that I plan on living for the rest of my life. More importantly communicating scientific knowledge through visual narrative is my mission to fulfill. 

My name is Hiba, I have a biomedical BSc from Kings College London and currently work in NHS blood transfusion and transplant as a Donor Carer. 


July 2023: artful exploration of science

I interned at In2science for an 8-week research project. In2Science is a group dedicated to enhancing diversity and inclusion in the STEM sector. It does this by providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity into the field.

At the Royal Institute, I had the opportunity of presenting my results on a poster which I had so much fun doing, and a true artful exploration of science. So much so I created an additional comic-style piece to present to the people at the event. There was an abundance of praises for my work and style of art.

collage of examples of Hiba's artwork, which is signified by neon colours (mainly yellow) on black background

The style of the comic and the illustrations I presented on the poster was appreciated by my head laboratory investigator, Dr Ryan MacDonald. So much so that he introduced me to a science art company, Zeeks - Art for Geeks Ltd led by Dr Elisabeth Kugler. Dr Kugler’s fascination with the intersection of science and art was truly enthralling. Zeeks' objective is to ignite inspiration in others through science. They constitute a devoted team committed to disseminating knowledge globally, recognizing visual science communication as a potent means to achieve this goal. I knew I wanted to be part of this team to achieve such a goal.


Artpiece “Institute Of Ophthalmology”

There are not many science illustration comics out there. My aim is to uphold scientific precision while infusing an artistic touch into my illustrations. I am committed to persisting in the creation of scientific comics, aspiring to kindle a deeper appreciation for science and inspire younger generations to share the same fascination I have in unraveling the mysteries of the world within and around us.

Institute of Ophthalmology” was the most recent comic I created using a Pro-create. The comic highlights my 8-week internship programme. The purpose of this comic was created to inform a non-scientific audience of animal models and scientific techniques using vivid images. This includes in-situ hybridisation chain reaction (HCR) and immunohistochemistry (IHC). In the comic I illustrated the underlying mechanism behind visual transduction and the significance of photoreceptors.


My Goals with Zeeks

As an affiliate artist for Zeeks - Art for Geeks Ltd my goal is to enhance my skills and cultivate a distinct science artistic voice. I am excited to collaborate and network within the company. Through these goals I seek to contribute to a meaningfully vibrant artistic system fostered by Zeeks. 


Peace GixntJelly out


Author: Hiba Noor BSc, a NHS donor carer and an affiliate Zeeks artist.


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